Maya Hot Chocolate — Healthy and Luxury

Maya Chocolate from MarieBelle is a versatile unsweetened formula that contains no sugar substitutes. The luxury hot chocolate and bar contain 70% cacao from single-origin Colombian beans.

Founder Maribel Lieberman was inspired to create a blend that is versatile in its application. “There are, of course, chocolates manufactured without sugar, or that are 100% chocolate, but most of these products are too sour or too bitter for most people’s taste.”

Maya Hot Chocolate provides the health benefits of pure chocolate, from the antioxidant capabilities of flavonoids to the heart-healthy oleic acid found in cocoa butter, without the sugar.

The 3.5 ounce Maya Chocolate Bar similarly offers a chance to satisfy the desire for chocolate without unnecessary calories from sugar.

The hot chocolate is so intense that it can be sipped straight up like an espresso.

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