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UK Consumers Spent £3.6 Billion on Luxury Food and Drink in 2006

UK consumers are spending more than ever on food and drink treats including Scotch because they have never had it so good, according to a latest DataMonitor report.

Britain has developed a serious taste for luxury food such as gourmet coffee, handmade chocolates and organic food, spending an average of £56 each a year.

It makes the UK Europe’s second-biggest spenders in specialty food and drinks, behind France. Britons spent a total of £3.6bn on fine foods last year, a figure that is expected to rise to £4.2bn by 2011. But it is the French, well known for their love of fine cuisine, that are the biggest spenders at £80 a person.

The Datamonitor report found that retail sales in France reached £5.2bn last year and are set to top £6.2bn in five years’ time.

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