Change Your Hair by Changing Your Hair Dryer to the T3 Tourmaline

The right hair dryer can go a long way toward preventing bad hair days.  The T3 Tourmaline ionic blow dryers use crushed tourmaline-covered components for maximum performance. 

The dryers are a step above standard ionic hairdryers which help reduce static electricity and frizz.  The semiprecious tourmaline dust generates water-absorbing negative ions.  The dryers also use infrared heat to deliver 60% faster drying time while adding shine.  The ions also help close the cuticle layer which can help protect color and prevent damage. 

The $200 dryer was included in the gift bag for the MTV Video Music Awards and is popular with professional stylists.   

T3 Tourmaline also makes a line of flat irons and hair brushes. 

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