Balenciaga Giant Hobo Bag

Balenciaga bags are a classic favorite, perfectly-sized, versatile designs, and always stylish. The Giant City Bag is no exception. Seen toted by hollywood stars and international celebrities (like Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, supermodel Janice Dickinson, Nicky Hilton, Kylie Minoque, Nicole Kidman, Kackie Kennedy, Pauline de Rothschild, etc) Balenciagas are one of the most coveted handbags by fashionistas the world over.

Balenciaga’s newest release is the Giant Hobo. It stays true to Balenciaga’s quintessential timeless design, with its luxe leather, oversized hardware, and studded detail. The newer hobo-shape is slouchy, but still distinctively Balenciaga.

The large size of this Giant Hobo makes it the perfect carryall; but it’s one carryall that’s stylish enough to transition beautifully from daywear to weekend wear. The style has been seen by celebrities toting it in neutral beige and deep jewel-tone green; but this Spring, Balenciaga released its Giant Hobo in pure winter white leather.

I’m loving this gorgeous white B-Bag! Sure the gold hardware sounds a bit overmuch, but somehow Balenciaga pulls the look together beautifully.

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