The Most Expensive Piece of Art – Damien Hirst Does it Again

Got some spare $100 million? Then you might be interested in investing in a piece of art. Not a Van Gogh or a rare Monet though, and not something from Picasso’s Blue stage either. $100 million will buy you a skull, but not an ordinary one.

The skull made of platinum and diamonds is an artwork by British master Damien Hirst who worked together with Bond Street jewellers Bentley & Skinner. The title of the masterpiece is “For the love of God”.

The platinum skull is a replica of a human skull bought by Hirst two years ago in a London taxidermy shop. The original is thought to be that of a 35-year-old man who lived in Europe during the 18th century. The teeth have been taken from the original, polished, and then reset in the cast.

The artwork is encrusted with 8601 diamonds, particularly the $8 million dollar, 52.40-carat pear-shaped stone inset in the skull’s forehead.

Damien Hirst must be a believer in that old premise – you have to spend money to make money – it had cost him over $23 million to make “For the love of God”.

$100 million is a record price for a piece of art paid to a living artist. Damien Hirst also holds the record for the most expensive piece of art by living artist sold in an auction – his “Lullaby Spring” (a 10-feet steel cabinet filled with hand-painted pills) was sold earlier this year for a whooping $19.2 million.

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