LG Launches Luxury Gold and Platinum Chocolate Phones

LG Electronics, has announced the launch of two luxury versions of its award-winning Chocolate phone – Gold and Platinum. Phones will be launched in the Middle East by the end of 2006.

Original functionality has been increased to accommodate an SD card memory slot, an upgraded 2 mega-pixel camera, an FM radio and twice as much on-board memory as the original handset (256MB rather than 128MB).

It also has an upgraded class-leading MP3, MPEG-4 and AAC music and video player and A2DP stereo Bluetooth functionality.
“LG Chocolate Gold and Platinum take the Chocolate range of handsets to a higher level,” said Mr. C. H. Lee, President, a top official at LG Electronics.

“The new styling makes the handset stand out, much like the original Chocolate, and new functionality puts it head and shoulders above competing handsets.

“For looks and on-board technology, LG Chocolate Gold and Platinum is the best phone out there,” said Mr. Lee.

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