Bond No. 9 Wall Street Fragrance

Is this the smell of success?  Bond No. 9 New York has announced its next fragrance will be called Wall Street.  Bond No. 9 already has fragrances named after other New York landmarks like Little Italy and Park Avenue.  Now they will be adding Wall Street to their list.  

According to Laurice Rahme, the founder of Bond No. 9, the fragrance is meant to be unisex to reflect the new generation of traders and brokers.  “Very rich, very powerful, but unisex.  Not the expected man in a white shirt and red tie, like Michael Douglas (in Wall Street). No Gordon Gekko types need line up for the fragrance which is described as “cool, zesty, and spicy.” Bond No. 9 also pledges that one dollar from each Wall Street fragrance sold will go to the nonprofit organization Wall Street Rising.  

The scent is set to launch November 1st and comes in a variety of sizes. 

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