The Most Expensive Eye Cream in the World

At 600$ per ounce ReVive Intensite Volumizing Serum is the most expensive wrinkle combating eye cream in the world.

So what does this cream have that others do not? KGF or Keratinocyte Growth Factor. ReVive Intensite Volumizing Serum is supposed to turn over the dying process of the cells 8 times faster then the normal eye cream and it should also prevent DNA fragmentation.

Wrinkles are not the only problem you are facing as you age, but even bigger issue is the subtle loss of facial volume. ReVive Intensite Volumizing Serum in theory should prevent the loss of facial volume and plump up the problematic areas such as wrinkle lines, crow’s feet and frown lines. ReVive Intensite Volumizing Serum also combines a whitening serum that should help you combat dark spots and blemishes that come with aging.

The person behind ReVive skincare line is Dr. Gregory Brown, a plastic surgeon, who used his research on epidermal growth factor to devise this particular miracle in a bottle. ReVive skincare line is only available at NeimanMarcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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