Collector’s Dream – Koenigsegg CCX

If there ever was on car that was a car collector’s dream it has got to be the Koenigsegg CCX. With its unique custom design it is one of the coolest car available on the market today.

A brainchild of a Swedish designer and inventor Christian Von Koenigsegg it is the latest in the series of supercars. Koenigsegg CCX was first revealed at the Geneva Auto Show 2006.

The structure of the car is made from carbon fiber monocoque while this extremely light car (2600 pounds) is still rigid enough to withstand the speed of 254 miles per hour.

Koenigsegg himself has designed the engine — a twin supercharged 4.8-liter V-8 with a horsepower of 806. And with the most affluent going green over the recent years there is a version of Koenigsegg CCX available that has an E85 powered engine and makes 1018 hp.

When the car was first presented it was aimed at US customers. However the production line can only bare 20 models each year so the estimated time for your car to be delivered is more then one year.

With its cool and eco-friendly design and given the waiting time, it is safe to predict that Koenigsegg CCX is going to feature more prominently on the list of most coveted cars among the wealthy collectors.

The price tag for Koenigsegg CCX is 990.000$ for the 806-hp version, while the E85 engine version will set you back for 1.018.000$.

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