Gulfstream Jet Sets New Speed Record

A new world speed record has been claimed by a Gulfstream G550 flying between Edinburgh and the Chinese capital Beijing. The Luxury jet completed the journey in just 8 hours and 47 minutes at an average speed of 0.87 Mach – just short of the speed of sound.Normally, passengers heading to China would have to fly with British Airways via Heathrow, KLM via Amsterdam or Air France via Paris.

Total journey times vary from 13-and-a-half hours to almost 19 hours.

Gulfstream has now submitted applications to the National Aeronautic Association to confirm the new records.

The special charter flight from Edinburgh took place to demonstrate the £23 million luxury jet plane’s performance for potential buyers. Four passengers, thought likely to be ultra-rich businessmen with links in China, were on board.

The G550 business jet aircraft comes with four living areas for up to 18 passengers, which can be transformed into dining rooms or offices. The plane is also fitted out with modern gadgets.

Released on the market in 2003, it can travel 6750 nautical miles and is the longest-range business jet in the world.

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