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US Women Hide How Much They Spend On Luxury Goods

A surprising number of american women have fear about their spouse’s reaction to their shopping bills. According to NY Post, women still find it necessary to hide how much they spend on personal luxury items, especially clothing.

While hard data is difficult to come by, the number of women paying in cash for designer goods has increased in recent years, according to retail analysts and interviews with 10 upscale boutique owners nationwide.

Women reported paying with cash to disguise purchases as low as US$150 and as much as US$10,000, according to NPD Group market research.

Davidowitz & Associates, a retail consulting firm, suspects that US$2,000 handbags and US$700 shoes are common, more women pay in fresh bills to cover their tracks.

Howard Davidowitz, Davidowitz & Associates CEO, said that in the last three years he has seen more cash purchases at luxury boutiques like Louis Vuitton and semiluxury chains like Coach.

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