The 118 WallyPower Megayacht

She’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The 118 WallyPower is a high-performance superyacht integrating technology with design. The result, a gorgeous spacious megayacht that cruises stably at 60 knots.

Special details include a chameleon-like paint finish that changes depending on the light and landscape surrounding it, a transparent carbon-fiber dining table that sends light to the deck below, and an open area floorplan that looks more like a loft than a boat. It accommodates six guests and six crew. 

The 118 has a CODOG (combined diesel or gas) propulsion system—jet engines for speed, diesels for everything else—which makes her as fast as she is pretty. She can also be equipped with traditional diesel engines which will knock the price back $8 million (from $24 million to $16 million) but will also cut down on the speed.

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