Buy the Own Luxury Island in Dubai The World

Buy the island of Texas?  It’s possible in a new development in Dubai called The World.  The property developer Nakheel is creating 300 islands shaped like a world map and available for purchase.  

When fully realized, The World will be three and a half miles across with each island providing plenty of beach space.  Not every country will be represented (Israel and Palestine will be left out among others) but it is possible to buy most other countries.  

The 14 islands of Australia have already been taken and 10% percent of the development has been sold thus far.  Nakheel won’t reveal the names of purchasers but says the list is impressive.  Only twelve of the islands have emerged from the water thus far but Nakheel says that the three-billion dollar development should be finished in three years.  Nakheel will let the purchaser change the name of the island they choose if they would like.

Nakheel is the developer behind the the world’s two largest man-made islands also rising out of the Gulf.  The palm-shaped Palm Jumeirah and The Palm Jebel Ali are across the coast from The World and are being styled as shopping and resort destinations for international travellers.  

The boom of the United Arab Emirates has caused wild real estate speculation.  Even boxing promoter Don King recently went over to Dubai to check out the Nakheel developments.  Dubai is making an effort to prove to the rest of the world that it is a safe and desirable place to work and play.  

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