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Investment incentives on beachfront land ideal for building luxury hotels or residential golf resorts.

SiCanarias is offering Cape Verde beachfront land to property investors and hotel investment groups in Europe.

This initiative is part of the new strategies the Cape Verde Government is implementing to obtain capital destined to increase infrastructures, improve the national health service, and reduce unemployment.

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“European property developers and hotel groups now have the opportunity to invest in land in Cape Verde and make more profits in less time, than investing in property at home” says Carlos Perez of SiCanarias, the company that is offering more than 7.2 million square meters of land in prime locations.

“The response to our information campaign in Europe has been good. Even investment firms from the city of London and from Frankfort are looking into investing in land in Cape Verde”.

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Located 450 Km off the coast of Senegal, the Republic of Cape Verde consists of 10 islands with a population of about 460,000 living in the islands and about 700,000 Cape Verdians living outside the country.

A former Portuguese colony, it is now an independent country with a European mentality, enjoying a multi-party stable democracy and a growing economy based on tourism.

The country has been rated by the International Monetary Fund with a strong economic and political performance, with a GDP growth of 6% to 7% between 2005 and 2008.

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According to Mr. Perez, purchasing seafront land now guarantees a handsome return on investment due to increasing accommodation demand.

“Currently, about 200,000 tourists visit Cape Verde each year and this figure is going to rise with the opening of more direct air routes from Europe and the opening of new hotels in the islands. It is clear that Cape Verde will be the next hot tourist destination. Just four to seven hours flight from the main European cities is ideal for tour operators who need places like this to keep people exited.”

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