Champ d’Or Luxury Mega-House

Most of the America’s most expensive homes are on the coasts but one of the most beautiful options in the mega-house category is actually in Denton, Texas.  Camp d’Or(French for “field of gold”) was built by Alan Goldfield, a retired businessman.  The house is 48,000 square feet and has a tearoom, garden room, ballroom and mini-theater.  The over 30 acres of property include a swimming pool, tennis court and a lake. 

The style of the house mimics a French chateau and the center dome is 78 feet high.  Other details include a two-story mahogany library, private hair salon, steam room, weight room, gift wrap room and as well as a bowling alley, ballroom and racquet ball court.  

The house has two elevators but you probably also need your own Segway to navigate the massive halls.  The house has been listed at $45,000,000 and has been on the market for over a year. 

Shortly after completing the five-year project in 2002, the Goldfields decided it was too much house for them and put the house they called their dream on the market. 

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