Luxury House Goes Green

The newest trend that is emerging in the luxury homes market is the eco-friendly estates. The price tags for these luxury homes are anywhere in the range from $3.4 million and up to $135 million.

However even though there is a growing demand for eco-friendly luxury estates this demand is still limited to certain areas of United States where the environmental consciousness has already taken its hold on the inhabitants.

One of such areas in Southern California where a new development firm LivingHomes is branching into the market of self-sustainable houses.

LivingHomes build estates that have no carbon, water, waste or energy emissions and clients can customize virtually anything — from floor plans to appliances, there is even an option of renewable cork floors. LivingHomes estates have LEED certificates.

LEED is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental design, a certification which is issued by US Green Building Council. Currently Living Homes offer 2 types of modular homes which are in the price range between $500,000 to $750,000 without foundation, design or installation.

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