Hotel Del Coronado San Diego Hotel

Own a Holiday Home in Legendary Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado is a part of American history. Hotel Del Coronado is one of the most famous landmarks in San Diego, however world-over it more known as a backdrop for a movie “Some Like It Hot”. In its long and colorful history it has been a resort of choice for presidents and moguls, artists and inventors, celebrities and movie stars.

Now for the first time in its history you can own a property at this legendary resort with the introduction of a resort complex called Beach Village. The Beach Village is situated at the Hotel Del Coronado’s award winning beach.

The condominiums available will give you whole-ownership and limited term use. The owners of condominiums in Beach Village will be able to use the property for 90 days per year, with 25 days of use in any 50-day period.

The condominiums will be made public through a rental program for the periods when owners are not using the property. Amenities include private concierge service, private pools and hot tubs and separate check-in facilities as well as gated access to the beach. Prices start at $2.5 million.

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