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Asiamart Will Open Luxury Store in 2007

Asiamart, retail and trading company based in Hong Kong, will open a high-end retail store to offer luxury products aimed at more affluent tourists later this year.

Asiamart’s main focus will be on offering genuine luxury consumer goods of the highest quality, including watches and jewelry, aimed at Chinese tourists with higher disposable income.

As a part of its plans for converting one of its locations into a high-end retail store, Asiamart will begin consolidating its three outlet stores into two locations beginning on March 15, 2007.

“The new store presents an outstanding opportunity to reach out to more well-off tourists, which we believe will increase our average sales per tourist,” said Alex Yue, Chairman and CEO of Asiamart.

“We are undergoing an intensive redesign of our new store which will give our valued tourists a fabulous high-end shopping experience.”

Asiamart has the largest market share in Hong Kong within the outbound retail tourism segment. Company operates a chain of outlets and discount shopping centers catering principally to tourists brought to its stores through a large network of travel companies and tour operators.

Asiamart offers its customers selected international brands in a wide range of merchandise categories including consumer electronics, cosmetics and skin care, dietary supplements, health care and optical products.

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