Augusta — The Most Exclusive Golf Club in the World

Augusta National Golf Club has been home of the Masters tournament since 1934. has voted Augusta National Golf Clubas the most exclusive golf club in the world. It has only about 300 members and there is no official application process, it is through invitation only. The members include generations of Southern society as well as a rare corporate titan. Bill Gates was denied an invitation for the mere audacity of saying he wanted to become a member. There are still no female members, however women can play at the course as a guest of members. The fees are reported to range from $250,000 to $500,000.

Every member of Augusta National Golf Club receives a green jacket, which bares the club’s logo. Co-founder Cliff Roberts who wanted to be able to tell members of the club from the visitors during the tournaments introduced the idea of a Green jacket.

The winner of Masters Tournament receives a Green Jacket and becomes an honorary member and is allowed to wear the jacket off-grounds, however after the year is up Green Jacket hangs in the club.

The green at the Masters used to be Bermuda grass but that has changed in 1981 when the green was reconstructed with bent grass with a result of a much faster surface.

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