New Luxury Toy — Private Submarine

Private helicopters, multi-million dollar yachts or ultra fast speedboats are not enough for the affluent. Ultra wealthy have found a new toy — private submarine. Private submarines are so exclusive that many who do invest in such an extravagance insist on non-disclosure agreements, however recent rumors have suggested some of the owners include Paul Allen, Roman Abramovich and James Cameron. 

Bruce Jones, an owner of the company US Submarines has been in the business of building luxury submersibles and underwater habitats since 1993. Clients can choose according to their needs and extravagance.

One of the options is a 2-passenger Explorer with a starting price from 1 million dollars. This Explorer can be fitted onto a large yacht. For the more luxurious version there is Seattle 1000, which is equipped with 2 decks and 5 staterooms and can stay submerged for up to 20 days.

But the most expensive and most elaborate on offer is the Phoenix 1000 model, which is an equivalent of a luxury yacht. It has 4 levels with 5000 square feet and can submerge down to 1000 feet. The estimated price of the Phoenix is $78 million.

The owners can hire submarine crews or they can go through the certification process through the American Bureau of Shipping in case they want to be at the helm. However many manufacturers insist on additional training program they conduct themselves.

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