Remote Luxury — Frégate Island, Seychelles

With 7 beaches and 16 luxury villas on a mere 740 acres (~3 square kilometres), Frégate Island in Seychelles, originally a hideaway for pirates, is a tropical paradise. The island is named after the Frégate bird which has a six-foot wingspan and can still be seen feeding off the island’s coast.

Far, far away from the clatter of modern life, Seychelles lies four degrees south of the equator approximately 1,000 miles south of India, 1,000 miles east of Africa, and 1,000 miles north-east of Madagascar. The year round temperature averages 24-27° Celsius (75-86° Fahrenheit).

Mahé, Seychelles can be reached by flights from major European gateways, and the flying time from Europe is approximately 10 hours. Frégate Island is then only a twenty minute flight by chartered air from the main island where the international airport is located.

Amenities include air-conditioning, satellite TVs, DVD/CD players, and Jacuzzi. The island resort has facilities which offer a spa services, 2 swimming pools, a marina with small sailboats and big game fishing, scuba diving, fitness equipment, 2 bars and 2 restaurants.

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