White Desert: The Ultimate Luxpedition

Until now, there have only been two ways to explore Antarctica: daytripping from a cruiseship, or staying at a spartan research station. But what if you could experience the seventh continent in style? 

Abercrombie & Kent is partnering with expedition specialists White Desert to create the first and only luxury wilderness camp at the end of the world. The 10-day adventure starts in Cape Town, from where you’ll board a private jet. Five hours later you’ll disembark at the Unknown International Airport — as it’s listed on the departures board — and then pitch up at Dronning Maud Land, where your upscale outpost is perched atop a 300-foot coastal ice cliff.

The totally secluded camp comprises of specially-engineered, dome-shaped tents furnished in African safari-style and designed to have zero-impact on the environment. Throughout your stay, you’ll be able to experience the earth’s coldest, driest and windiest continent under constant sunlight — and through a menu of high adrenaline and chilled-out options: visit emperor penguin breeding colonies; kite-ski across the snowy plains; or take in Wolf’s Fang and other monoliths from a private plane capable of landing on the blue-ice runway.

If you want to experience the footsteps of the earliest explorers, you can even spend a night at Scott Camp in crude (but “surprisingly warm”) pyramid tents and turn-of-the-century snow gear. But be prepared for summertime temps: a balmy -5 to -10 Celsius (14 to 23 Fahrenheit).

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