Select Comfort Sleep Number Luxurious Bed

Select Comfort Sleep Number 9000 bed features dual-adjustable air chamber technology that permits couples to independently adjust the firmness on each side of the bed, a two-sided Pillowtop changeable with the seasons, and a Dual Foam Layering System that allows each sleeper to further customize their side of the bed for personalized comfort.

The luxurious bed also offers an innovative firmness control system featuring a newly restyled remote control with memory settings. At the touch of a button, each individual sets their Sleep Number – a number between zero and 100 – which automatically customizes their personal sleep surface, allowing each partner to sleep at their precise comfort level.

“Luxury home sales are reaching record-breaking numbers and more homeowners are looking for unique products to personalize their living space, from his and her bathroom sinks to custom-built closets to dual shower heads with varying pressures,” said Noel Schenker, senior vice president of marketing and new business development at Select Comfort.

“The new Sleep Number 9000 offers consumers more innovative ways to personalize their sleep than any other mattress available today. Most important, the Sleep Number 9000 bed will help consumers get a better, deeper and more restorative night’s sleep, which is the greatest luxury of all.”

The Sleep Number bed is 16 inches thick and features a distinctive two-sided seasonal duvet-style pillowtop. The Belgian Damask silk blend side provides a cooler feel for warmer months. On colder days, the cover can be turned to a Belgian woven-knit for a warmer feel.

For additional personalization on each side of the bed, the Sleep Number 9000 bed features Select Comfort’s exclusive interior Dual Foam Layering System within the pillowtop.

Depending on comfort preference, individual sleepers can place a three-inch thick Intralux foam layer closer to the pillowtop sleep surface for softer comfort or use a Visco-elastic memory foam layer for a more supportive feel.

The new Firmness Control System 9000 features a newly designed remote control with a lighted Sleep Number display. It also offers a new “memory” feature that allows each individual to set their ideal comfort level, adjust the mattress firmness at any time, and return to their ideal Sleep Number quickly and easily. The new “full-fill” feature quickly inflates each side of the bed for those who want to give their freshly made bed a plump look each morning.

The Sleep Number bed is available in Twin Long, Queen, Expanded Queen, Eastern King, and California King sizes.

In research conducted at Stanford University, participants fell asleep faster and experienced a better quality sleep on the Sleep Number bed than on a traditional innerspring mattress.

The studies also found that 87 percent of those who slept on the Sleep Number bed spent a greater percentage of time in the deeper, more restorative stages of sleep and experienced fewer sleep disturbances.
There are five models of The Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort. Mattresses are available in standard Twin, Full, Queen, Expanded Queen, King, California King and Grand King sizes. In addition, the company sells pillows, blankets, bedding, mattress pads and other bedding accessories.

Studies show that The Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort relieves back pain and improves sleep quality. More than 50,000 customers have provided testimonials, many saying that they are sleeping better on their Sleep Number bed than on their old innerspring mattress.

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