Louis Vuitton – Luxury Luggage Brand

Louis Vuitton was always the synonym with luxury in travel luggage. Their trunks and garment bags screamed business class and surely were not given the rough treatment unlike the luggage of the ordinary folks on Transatlantic flights. That is if they were not loaded onto a private jet.

Synonym with craftsmanship and quality Louis Vuitton trunk has a starting price at 2000$. However with wise insight and recognizing the craving general public has for a bit of luxury Louis Vuitton has launched a number of variations of their famous Speedy handbag.

The smaller Speedy signature handbag starts at 625$ and even though that is still a hefty price tag for most of us, it has become an instant hit. It is described as a perfect carryall and an ideal city bag, big enough to fit all of your daily necessities.

It is available in the iconic brown canvas with Louis Vuitton monogram. It has a top zip closure with a signature padlock and canvas lining, while the handles are made from rolled up leather.

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