Ferrari Red Auto Sports Car

One of the most Coveted Car Brands in the World – Ferrari

In the automotive industry it is very difficult to establish a delicate balance between how exclusive the car is, producing enough of the these elusive vehicles to create a demand and profit while still holding back enough that even the people who can afford it can not purchase these exotic beasts on a whim. No other company has managed to achieve this delicate balance as successfully as Ferrari.

In general for any of the exclusive Ferrari models the waiting list is approximately 2 years. Ferrari also uses a centralized system that enables both the company and its dealers to place individuals who have already purchased a Ferrari higher on the list.

The newest car from the Ferrari line that will be presented at the Frankfurt Auto show is the Ferrari F430 Scuderia.

What is so special about the latest model is that for the first time Ferrari has incorporated one of its Formula One technologies into a production car.

With its super fast software which enables the driver to switch the gears in less then 60 milliseconds and power boosted to 510 from a V-8 engine it is almost certain that the line will be sold out as soon as the car is revealed for the first time. The waiting list is estimated at 2 years and the price tag $200,000.

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