Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

The Chocolate Bock is the newest beer in the Samuel Adams Brewery’s Extreme Beers line.  These aren’t the beers you chug while watching the World Series, they are heavy thick drinks for savoring. 

The four beers in this series represent a brewing experiment to see how deep and rich a beer can be. The Utopia, the brewery’s $100 per bottle beer line has an astounding 25 percent alcohol content and is more of a sipper like brandy or port. The limited edition Chocolate Bock is more moderate both in price and alcohol content so you can drink with impunity.  It is made by aging the beer on dried cocoa beans from the  Scharffen Berger chocolate makers. 

The result is a chocolate aroma but the taste of a thick malty triple bock.  It makes for a sweet way to end an Octoberfest meal. 

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