Luxury Bag for Fall – Clutch by Marc Jacobs

If there is one bag that you should get your hands on this coming fall then it is the day clutch bag designed by Marc Jacobs.

Though it might prove difficult as there is always one bag every season that is the ultimate in luxury and needless to say any self-respecting fashionista would die to get her hands on this bag so it may prove a bit difficult. Launched as a part of the Marc Jacobs line there are two versions – the Quadri Oversized Clutch and Heavy Stone Clutch which is smaller in size.

Quadri Oversized Clutch is black and made from leather with a mosaic Art Deco detailing on the front.

The Heavy Stone Clutch is slouchier in design, it is also made from leather with Art Deco detailing on front, while the color available is tan.

Quadri Oversized Clutch is available for the price of 1950$ and you can get your hands on the Heavy Stone Clutch for 1650$. Combine the day clutch with a classic skirt suit, which is another signature autumn look and you will be all set for this coming fall.

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