Karl Lagerfeld Designs a New Collection of Denim

Karl Lagerfeld, the man behind some of the most influential designs ever since the 80s has decided to go mainstream this year.

Karl Lagerfeld has been at the creative helm of Chanel ever since 1983. Who does not recognize a classic Chanel skirt suit or a bag when they see it?

Karl Lagerfeld is a man who does 20 collections every year and even though one would think another line of clothing is the last thing on his mind, he has decided to launch a line of designer jeans under the name K Karl Lagerfeld.

Wisely recognizing the potential of jeans market his line will include skinny jeans, perfectly cut pencil skirts, buttery soft leather jackets and sharply tailored jackets and shirts. In a way K Karl Lagerfeld line will imitate his personal style and there is even a t-shirt with the print of the fashion guru available.

In the finicky world of fashion and next hit wonders Karl Lagerfeld represents a constant in design and quality while his line is sure to be a hit with any self-respecting fashionista.

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