Travel Agency Extraordinaire for Deluxe Traveler

Summer holiday in Hawaii, skiing in Aspen, and short European break for the weekend, why not try something different? Black Tomato is a specialized travel agency that offers unique holidays individually tailored for a holiday maker that wants to experience something different.

Black Tomato’s offer is divided into 7 different categories called: Escape time, Action time, Stylish time, Sports time, Inspiring time, Intrepid time and Hangout time. Some of these breaks include short romantic gateways in still undiscovered parts of Europe.

For daredevils there is glacier climbing and great white shark diving. For the romantics there is private château in France or in case you truly want to get away from it all Robinson Crusoe dream holiday in Costa Rica.

You can explore the Gobi dessert or play elephant polo, watch Italian Grand prix or sumo wrestling in Japan. Black Tomato truly offers unique travel and adventure experiences all across the globe. 

Every offered travel package can be individually tweaked to suit your needs and desires, but best of all Black Tomato offers destinations that are off the beaten track and therefore not riddled with tourists.

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